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How to find a cheap airline ticket to Japan?

You dream of going to Japan , you do not have specific dates and the possibility to have the holidays you want? It’s a chance and it’s going to be a benefit for your plane ticket search. (It works for all destinations).

The steps are similar to the previous case study:

  • On Algofly, I discover that a low price of cheap airline ticket for Japan is around 400 € and around the months of May and June.
  • On Matrix Ita and Google Flights, I’m not learning much this time …

On Skyscanner , when I have more flexibility, I start by doing a reverse search (which I like to do from time to time). It is a question of looking for the cheapest flights from Japan in one-way with the option “cheapest month activated” to discover perhaps countries near me to which it would be cheaper to fly since the Japan (due to commercial partnerships, cultural proximity or other). It takes a few minutes and it’s always good to keep the results in mind. I can see what are the first European countries.

I am doing this because it is currently impossible on Skyscanner to search for “Anywhere in Japan”, but it is quite possible to do “Japan Everywhere” and see trends. Be careful though with this technique, prices in one direction are often more expensive than in the other (prices from South America to Europe are often twice as expensive for example), but it is to identify trends.

From there, I will therefore search from these different European countries to Japan (any airport), with the option “cheapest month” and see if I find things more advantageous than from France , perhaps allowing me to add a city trip before or after the trip (by bus, train or low-cost flight). I thus find a Frankfurt-Tokyo flight at 340 euros in high season cherry, much cheaper than all other options between 400 and 500 euros. And if you live in the East of France, Frankfurt is not worse than Paris! Mission accomplished, I found a cheap flight to Japan!

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