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Best Indoor Parks in NYC

New York City offers plenty of indoor parks* that are a welcome respite from frenetic work or boredom. Some are even a pleasant haunt for commuters of the city. It is hard for parents to appease kids to make them stay indoors in dawn cold or rainy weather.

There is an exquisite list of NYC indoor parks for children to run around, frolic, and hop and family to have a nice, quiet picnic.

May it be plush foliage yards, rambling walkways, recreation pitches for overnight stay, or circulation spaces, there are some exclusive charms in NYC.

Rocking Horse Ranch Resort

Located in Highland, a 90-min drive from NYC, this is the perfect spot for horseback riding, kid-friendly plays, and family amusements including mini bowling, skiing, bicycling, and hiking. It offers all year round entertainment to all, a food restaurant, and guest rooms for loungers.

It is a blast for kids to have loads of fun with the waterfall, fountains, slides, lull pools, roping/swinging loops, and tubing. It is definitely a kid’s pleaser with splash pads, climbing walls, arcade games, swimming pools, and bath tubs.


It is a vantage amusement park with a splendid arena for games, birthdays, music pumping and lighting, and snack bars. The games include go-carts, bump cars, glow bowling, and riding, but not limited to Laser Tag.

City Treehouse

Check out this child-friendly themed indoor area having playrooms, a toddler space, a pinball room, kids’ exhibits, and learning sessions. There are slides, water bubble stations, a water table, a dress up box, and so on.

Camelback Mountain Aquatopia

Located in Poconos Mountains, Pennsylvania, it is the chart of the best family destination waterpark. This 1,25,000 square foot facility lures people of all age groups with its never ending fun family activities. With its warm, natural light throughout the year, you can bask a Caribbean-like water play. Fun never ends with sliding, riding, skiing, flowriding, and mountain adventure events.

Greenacre Park

This is a stunning hidden park in NYC offering a pleasant oasis with the waterfall and a small cafe to escape the hurly burly of the workplace. A panoramic vista may be taken from the waterfall, surrounded by skyscrapers. You can take a leisurely walk from the Midtown Water Tunnel to head to this location.

Liberty Harbor RV Park

This recreation park is just 1.5 hours from NYC and located in New Jersey. It is the ideal spot for picnicking with parking facility and overnight stay. It is a sightseeing destination that shows beautiful views of NYC. However, visitors should note that this is not a campground.

It is now time for packing up your family for an impressive short trip. Have tons of fun!

*In our next post, indoor parks for team building: Escape Entertainment – NYC

The best cities to travel for art, fun, food, adventure and much more (according to Lonely Planet)

Panoramic view of the Park Güell in Barcelona by twilight, Spain

The Lonely Planet travel experts have released the second edition of the guide ” The City Book “: 424 pages full of useful tips to explore the best destinations in the world. The destinations were included in different categories, classified according to who had the most competitive offer.

History, architecture, entertainment, food, adventure: for each section the winning city was elected, in a series of indications that will make it easier for readers to choose their next trip. Below, some of the destinations recommended by the guide, reported by the Daily Mail :

Best for the story

According to the guide, Charleston, in South Carolina, is perfect for history buffs. Founded in 1670, many of its historic neighborhoods retain colonial elegance. It is no less worthy Istanbul, capital of the Ottoman Empire, a crossroads of oriental and western cultures.

Best for architecture

Five favorites from Lonely Planet: Barcelona, ​​Chicago, Rome, Istanbul and Mumbai.

Best for families

Thanks to the museums and the numerous parks, Chicago gets the gold medal of the category. Even Singapore is a hospitable place for adults in the company of children. In the ranking appears Venice, an attraction for the little ones, given its absence of cars.

Better for coffee

The Italian espresso in Rome appears in the ranking, but does not get the highest step of the podium. To win – and it is not exactly a surprise – is Addis Abada, in Ethiopia, followed by Melbourne.

Best for adventure

As the movie Into The Wild teaches well, Alaska is the best destination for an adventurous journey. If you are looking for an alternative, Lonely Planet also promotes Kathmandu, Hobart and La Paz.

Better for nightlife

It is not Ibiza that wins the gold medal as a city that offers the best nightlife. For the younger ones, and not only, who want to enjoy themselves in the small hours, the guide advises Belgrade or, alternatively, Berlin, New Orleans, Dublin and Rio de Janeiro.

TripAdvisor elects the best restaurant in the world, it’s in England and it’s actually a pub

The 2016 ranking was already difficult to accept, but this year the Italian restaurants reviewed by users of TripAdvisor went even worse: no local tricolor, in fact, has appeared in the top 10 positions of Travelers’ Choice section restaurants, the ranking that the public travel web portal every October based on the millions of reviews that are uploaded by consumers. And the scepter, in 2017, went to the Black Swan , a club nestled in the English countryside of Yorkshire , and that actually is nothing but a pub.

It is the first time that the Black Swan (which means “black swan”) appears on the list, although the managers have opened the business already in 2006. The pub – which hangs the sign at the entrance “Here the muddy boots are welcome “- has therefore undermined the Spaniard Martín Berasategui , leading the ranking in the last two years.

“A tantalizing journey in the flavors” reads the motivation of the first position, which is nothing but a review written by an anonymous user. “This restaurant is a real treat, the flavors, the combinations of ingredients and the mastery of the menu are spectacular” continues the quote.

The Black Swan, moreover, is not any pub, so as to have already obtained a Michelin star and to charge its customers a good 95 pounds (or more than 100 euros) for a tasting menu. The local chef and son of the owners, Tommy Banks, is the youngest Michelin-starred chef in Britain.

“I’m honored for the recognition of TripAdvisor,” the BBC commented . “And the thing that makes it even more special is that it was our customers who gave it to us”, the chef concluded. The platform, in fact, has compiled the ranking by monitoring in the last 12 months millions of comments published on the site by users.

The United Kingdom also won the second position in the ranking, thanks to a refined establishment with the French name (Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons), while France gets the last step of the podium and the fourth place (respectively with the Maison Lameloise and L’Auberge de l’Ill). Then there are twice Spain, New York, South Africa, Peru and Thailand to complete the top ten.

To find the first Italian restaurant you have to wait for the 14th place, where you will find the restaurant Don Alfonso 1890 of Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi (Naples), which however loses 9 positions compared to 2016. With the hope that in 2018 it will be better.

“I bring my chin around the world”. The irresistible Instagram profile of a travel blogger

It has the most famous chin of Instagram. She is Michelle Liu, an English travel blogger who, wherever she is, immortalizes her chin forward and her mouth open. Michelle, 21, has renounced the sexy photos and, on her Instagram profile, has posted many shots that portray her in this strange pose from unique angles and breathtaking views in the background.

United States, Poland, China, Holland or France: the blogger, accustomed since she was a child to travel, reproduced the same photo throughout the world and for this, with over 32,000 followers on Instagram, certainly does not go unnoticed.

“My chin really amused my friends especially when I was in middle school, high school and university, so I decided to share it with the world,” said the blogger in an interview with Mic. Michelle admitted that for some time she felt observed and uneasy by the looks of others. Photographing her chin helped her to worry less about what people think of her physical appearance.

Michel Liu dubbed his shots “Chinfies”, a sort of selfie of his chin (“chin” in English), the part of the body that was inspired by the name of his Instagram profile “chinventures” . With his irony, the travel blogger has asked some of the people to “join” his pose and the posted shots are small unique souvenirs.

This country of Puglia offers 2 thousand euros to anyone who wants to move there

If you are thinking of moving to Puglia, know that there is a country that will not only welcome you willingly, but that will pay you up to 2 thousand euros to go there to live. Nicola Gatta, mayor of Candela, has announced that he is willing to give an economic bonus to curb the demographic decline that is affecting the town that governs and intends to keep its promise.

“I want to bring the population back to 8,000 units in the 1990s, when Candela was called the ‘Little Naples’ for its streets full of tourists and screaming sellers,” the first citizen told CNN . Today, moreover, there are only 2700 residents. “I work every day with passion and dedication to bring back Candela to its former glory”, the mayor continued.

The country of Puglia now appears much quieter than in the past, much less visited and often abandoned by the younger ones looking for better job opportunities. Furthermore, several houses are uninhabited. A bit like a mirror of Italy, now Candela is populated mainly by elderly people. Gatta wants to reverse the route, opening the municipal fund to new residents.

The mayor’s right hand, Stefano Bascianelli , explains how the initiative promoted by the Municipality works: “We will give 800 euros for singles, 1200 for couples, from 1500 to 1800 euros for families consisting of three members and 2000 euros for families of 4 or 5 people “. The offer also includes the possible exemption of taxes on waste and for public kindergartens.

To receive payment, however, those wishing to move to Candela will have to meet three requests: take residence there, rent a house and have a job with a salary of at least 7500 euros a year. “We do not want people thinking of living behind the commune,” emphasizes Bascianelli. “The new residents will have to work and have an economic income”.

The initiative of the first citizen of Puglia has already had its first effects: 6 families of Northern Italy have already moved to Candela and have started to spend the bonus granted to them. Some have opened a newsagent, while those who – like the janitor of a local school – will use them to allow the rest of the family to move to Puglia. In short, the municipality has kept its promise and has begun to take the first steps to bring back Candela an attractive center.

A Russian company will allow you to pretend a trip on a private jet to make friends die of envy

Not everyone can afford to travel on a private jet, but if the life of Gianluca Vacchi attracts you and get on a jet is still one of your dreams of the drawer, no problem: a Russian company will help you organize a fake flight , immersed in the most absolute luxury. It is called Private Jet Studio , is a Moscow-based company and has created a truly unique business, leasing an exclusive aircraft to allow its customers to take pictures (dedicated to Instagram) that will make friends and relatives die of envy.

The plane in question – the Gulfstream 65, which judging by the shots is second to none – in fact never gets up from the ground and is not intended to bring its customers anywhere, yet there are many to book a visit inside to make the followers believe they can afford a trip in extreme luxury.

The price list of the Private Jet Studio , moreover, is completely inexpensive: a two-hour photoshoot with a professional photographer, for example, costs about 200 euros (14,000 rubles), mind if you renounce the photographer and choose selfies, the cost drops to 160. Adding another 200 euros, however, you can also have a cameraman to shoot a memorable video.

Of course, to shake the company’s accounts on social photo you would not say precisely that the “passengers” remain firmly on the ground, so that the interior photos of Gulfstream 65 are juxtaposed with those of the international skies. Yet it is all fiction.

“This is the largest, fastest and most expensive aviation business,” said a Private Jet Studio spokesperson. “The luxurious interiors of the aircraft are made of natural materials of the highest quality, with us we can organize unusual and unforgettable photographic services”. And if you tell them, you have to trust them.


I fell in love with Patagonia the first time I went there. It only took a sunset in Ushuaia and a long bus trip in the desert to convince me. I remember those long bus trips, with my nose stuck to the window and a little rock in my ears, watching the landscape go by without end. I remember the shape of the clouds and the light. I remember a special atmosphere and wind. Yet, something was missing. I followed the tourist paths, I barely touched Patagonia, I touched his magic, without really feeling it. Ushuaia, El Calafate, Torres del Paine, Bariloche … from bus to bus, I followed the path all along, knowing that I was missing something. I knew I would come back. I did not think it would be only two years later.

It has been three months since I was in Patagonia, three months since I saw the trip that I had hoped so much the previous time, three months that I finally found the Patagonia that I was looking for so much. Three months that I feel alive in these lands so deserted, so inhospitable. And everything really started in Bahia Bustamante .

Bahia Bustamante was the first village entirely dedicated to algae production. In the 1950s, it was the site of a thriving industry on the Atlantic coast and sheltered 400 inhabitants and a normal village life, a few hundred kilometers from Comodoro Rivadavia. Today, the production of seaweed continues, but there are only 40 people living there year-round and the village still remains very far from any city today. The estancia however welcomes tourists in summer for a unique experience in the heart of real Patagonia . When I heard about this place on the Internet, I knew it was made for me.


After my crush in Salento , I did not want to leave. A little sick, very depressed, I dragged a little in the shadow of what was more, thinking back to the good times. I had only a few days left before flying to Argentina and Antarctica and time to visit a new corner. Almost on the way back to Bogotá , I chose to discover San Agustin, its history and the mysterious pre-Columbian statues.

I do not remember very well this bus trip, which did not have to be extraordinary. There were no tourists on the bus and I was quickly spotted when I arrived in town. I take a taxi to go to the hostel I booked and a friend had advised me and a young man follows me on moped. He is a guide and wants to explain the visiting options. After all, if it amuses him, why not … On arrival at the hostel, we discuss a little, he explains everything and after many discussions I managed to negotiate a price that suits me. I would explore the region in three days and in three different ways: on horseback, by jeep and on foot by myself. What a good overview of San Agustin in a few days.

The first day, I go on horseback with two other visitors. This small group is very appreciable and allows us to go at our own pace. We visit several sites, more or less distant and listen to our guide tell us the legends and assumptions surrounding the statues that we discover. The guide does not speak English and I try to understand the explanations with my stammering Spanish. One thing is certain, no one really knows what it is and everyone goes about it’s history or assumptions. San Agustin and its surroundings suddenly have a mysterious air, surrounded by thousand-year-old legends. I trot and gallop, hair in the wind (or almost) on my proud mount on the roads of Colombia and it’s liberating, as an idea of ​​pure freedom. My horse did not look so alive, but finally he is strong and particularly enjoys galloping. Ouch ouch my gluteus …


Until last spring, I had never set foot in Corsica and I could not resolve to see only Ajaccio at the Salon of Travel Bloggers. I was not the only one wishing to have a little taste of the Island of Beauty, but without breaking the bank and it is at 5 that we finally left two days on the adventure on the roads of Corsica. Two days for a road trip in Corsica, it is too short, but it makes you want to come back much longer.

A Corsican road trip in Kangoo

In a good mood, a Kangoo five seats, a barda, a vague idea of ​​a route, music, a guide, three tents and some bananas in our pocket and we were ready for the adventure. Well, that’s what we thought …

The first night at Ajaccio campsite was calm, but chilly. What an idea to come camping at the beginning of May in Corsica without adequate sleeping bag will you tell me … We were requinqués with a good breakfast, before taking the road. Conductor designated, I had already nearly killed us the day before in the streets of Ajaccio, trying to avoid the dangers of the Corsican road (they are crazy Corsicans), by grilling a red light, trying to park our monster Kangoo and losing us in the burrow. I am not the most reassured driver, but oddly, I always find myself driving in a road trip !

We managed to find our way to Bocognano, a small village in the heart of the mountains for a canyoning outing breath away. This is where Mathieu leaves us to leave and we leave to four. A few hours later, exhausted, I took the wheel. We had the idea to cross the center of Corsica and go down to the south to visit the coast the next day. The road was beautiful, but the road was long. Remember to provide additional time for your Corsican road trip, because it is not easy, especially if you are not used to mountain roads. Tiny roads, damaged roads, turn 180 ° C, it goes up, it goes down, crossing with a bus on a single lane … we had everything and better not to be dizzy. Anyway, this wild Corsica, this Corsica so little visited is sublime and deserves a few days of exploration more …

And if it was cheaper not to fly?

For ecological reasons and for love of slow travel, I always consider how to avoid having to fly. If I have time, I do not have a professional appointment and the price is reasonable, I always choose the option land or sea. It’s more eco-friendly, it’s an adventure and it’s also more fun. This is how I traveled from Japan to China by ferry , I returned from my expatriation in Sweden crossing Europe by train or I crossed the United States by bus to $ 10 only with 10 stops!

So, if I’m in this situation, I will always check this option before doing my search for cheap air tickets. To do this, I use Google obviously and my knowledge of public transport on each continent, but especially From Rome 2 Rio , a magical site that calculates all the ways to get from point A to point B on the ground. How to find a cheap airline ticket? The search engine From Rome 2 Rio

For example, on a Bordeaux-Edinburgh , I can see all the options and combinations imaginable and a price order. You may even be able to find an option you did not think about, such as taking a flight to Glasgow, then the train. These are just price ideas, so I recommend going to the recommended sites one by one to see prices on your dates. I am currently in York and the cheapest way that did not last 48h was to take a flight to London , then a bus to York. But that suggested flights to other cities in England that I may not have thought of. So think of this site to think differently about your travel patterns and maybe make a good deal!

Here are all my tips and tricks to find a cheap flight ticket, whatever your destination, your travel dates or your flexibility or lack of flexibility. Do you know other tips and tricks for finding a cheap flight? If so, comment below and I would love to test them!

How to find a cheap airline ticket to Japan?

You dream of going to Japan , you do not have specific dates and the possibility to have the holidays you want? It’s a chance and it’s going to be a benefit for your plane ticket search. (It works for all destinations).

The steps are similar to the previous case study:

  • On Algofly, I discover that a low price of cheap airline ticket for Japan is around 400 € and around the months of May and June.
  • On Matrix Ita and Google Flights, I’m not learning much this time …

On Skyscanner , when I have more flexibility, I start by doing a reverse search (which I like to do from time to time). It is a question of looking for the cheapest flights from Japan in one-way with the option “cheapest month activated” to discover perhaps countries near me to which it would be cheaper to fly since the Japan (due to commercial partnerships, cultural proximity or other). It takes a few minutes and it’s always good to keep the results in mind. I can see what are the first European countries.

I am doing this because it is currently impossible on Skyscanner to search for “Anywhere in Japan”, but it is quite possible to do “Japan Everywhere” and see trends. Be careful though with this technique, prices in one direction are often more expensive than in the other (prices from South America to Europe are often twice as expensive for example), but it is to identify trends.

From there, I will therefore search from these different European countries to Japan (any airport), with the option “cheapest month” and see if I find things more advantageous than from France , perhaps allowing me to add a city trip before or after the trip (by bus, train or low-cost flight). I thus find a Frankfurt-Tokyo flight at 340 euros in high season cherry, much cheaper than all other options between 400 and 500 euros. And if you live in the East of France, Frankfurt is not worse than Paris! Mission accomplished, I found a cheap flight to Japan!