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Travel in Belgium: tips on what to do and where to go

Belgium is undoubtedly one of the most interesting European states to visit, not only for those who love cosmopolitan capitals like Bruges and Brussels, but also for those who love breathtaking natural scenery and art, as well as love nightlife and clubs most characteristic of this piece of Europe. However, precisely because Belgium is rich in places of interest from every point of view, it becomes even more difficult to choose what to see, especially if you do not have many days available.

With a bit of organization though, and knowing what to see in Belgium and what attractions to put at the top of the list of must-see places before you leave , you can go to its discovery even if you have two, three, four or five days at most. available.

Belgium: what to see absolutely in a few days
Belgium is a rather small state that, with the right amount of organization, can be visited far and wide even if you don’t have too much time to spare. However, it is a very windy state, so before leaving it is always good to bring everything you need to face the climate in order to make the most of the days available to visit it.

Undoubtedly, among the things to see in Belgium in 2 days is Brussels, its capital : it is indeed a wonderful city that holds the true heart of Europe, not at home here is where the Parlamentarium rises, but also the European Commission and the Council of the European Union. Also in Brussels, to see in 2 days there is undoubtedly the Grand Palace and the Manneken Pis , a national monument, and then move to the city ​​of Bruges , what has been dubbed the Venice of the North for its charm.

Don’t miss the main square where Belfort overlooks , the 13th-century civic tower that encloses a carillon made up of 47 bells . And then of course the UNESCO-protected Begijnhof is to be seen , with 30 white houses that today welcome the Benedictine nuns and the wonderful scenery of the windmills that rise along the river.

Belgium: what to do in a week
What to see in Belgium if you have more than 2 days available? In a period of time ranging from 3-4 days to the week, you can of course visit other characteristic and really interesting places.

For example, the city ​​of Antwerp is worth seeing: here there are many monuments and historical places to visit, from the Cathedral of Our Lady to the ancient Church of San Carlo Borromeo, from the square of the Grote Markt with the town hall up to the city castle which is located along the banks of the Schelde river . An unmissable place is also the port of Antwerp , where the Aan Den Stroom Museum stands, but also the Museum of Rubens, a famous original painter of this area, and the Brueghel Museum.

These are all things to see in Belgium in 4 days, while among the things to see in Belgium in 5 days or even in a week, we undoubtedly add the town of Gent which can be reached via the Werregarenstraat , a road entirely embellished with graffiti. Here you can stroll through the medieval streets and admire the different churches, the Cathedral and even Belfort, a control tower.

Belgium what to do and what to eat: dishes not to be missed
If you are leaving for the fascinating European state and wondering what to do in Belgium , in addition to visiting the museums and the various monuments, then mark these places. In Antwerp, next to the Brueghel Museum, the Welton Wervaert floats on the river water , an eco-friendly bar made entirely from recycled materials, where you can sip organic juices or the typical Belgian beer with an intense flavor.

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