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Find a cheap airline ticket? My hobby!

Find a cheap airline ticket? My hobby!

I have a confession to make … As for finding a cheap air ticket, I am a geek, ready to spend hours of sites in sites, good deals in good plans to find the cheap flight perfect, the ideal promotion, the cheapest flight, like the Holy Grail of the travel hacking . I have a lot of fun working around the system, whether or not I find the right solution and if I have a cheaper ticket to the key, it’s even better! And today, I give you all my secrets and my techniques so that you too find the best airfare, spending hours or not.

First of all, how am I best placed to explain how? My friends are always amazed by the good deals that I find and sometimes ask me to help them. Often, they went through a travel agency or a known site online without asking any questions, perhaps even simply on the first site found by typing “Cheap Air Ticket” on Google. Maybe that’s what you’re doing too, and let me assure you that I usually find a less expensive ticket for my friends in 10 minutes, using the right sites and the right way of thinking. So imagine what I could do with more time?

Moreover, I have never used agencies or intermediaries to find my cheap air tickets. At the time when I imagined my world tour , I planned to go through an agency specializing in tickets around the world. I quickly gave up, to have total flexibility of route and time, but also because I was convinced to be able to find cheaper plane tickets. And I was right!

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