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“I bring my chin around the world”. The irresistible Instagram profile of a travel blogger

It has the most famous chin of Instagram. She is Michelle Liu, an English travel blogger who, wherever she is, immortalizes her chin forward and her mouth open. Michelle, 21, has renounced the sexy photos and, on her Instagram profile, has posted many shots that portray her in this strange pose from unique angles and breathtaking views in the background.

United States, Poland, China, Holland or France: the blogger, accustomed since she was a child to travel, reproduced the same photo throughout the world and for this, with over 32,000 followers on Instagram, certainly does not go unnoticed.

“My chin really amused my friends especially when I was in middle school, high school and university, so I decided to share it with the world,” said the blogger in an interview with Mic. Michelle admitted that for some time she felt observed and uneasy by the looks of others. Photographing her chin helped her to worry less about what people think of her physical appearance.

Michel Liu dubbed his shots “Chinfies”, a sort of selfie of his chin (“chin” in English), the part of the body that was inspired by the name of his Instagram profile “chinventures” . With his irony, the travel blogger has asked some of the people to “join” his pose and the posted shots are small unique souvenirs.

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