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And if it was cheaper not to fly?

For ecological reasons and for love of slow travel, I always consider how to avoid having to fly. If I have time, I do not have a professional appointment and the price is reasonable, I always choose the option land or sea. It’s more eco-friendly, it’s an adventure and it’s also more fun. This is how I traveled from Japan to China by ferry , I returned from my expatriation in Sweden crossing Europe by train or I crossed the United States by bus to $ 10 only with 10 stops!

So, if I’m in this situation, I will always check this option before doing my search for cheap air tickets. To do this, I use Google obviously and my knowledge of public transport on each continent, but especially From Rome 2 Rio , a magical site that calculates all the ways to get from point A to point B on the ground. How to find a cheap airline ticket? The search engine From Rome 2 Rio

For example, on a Bordeaux-Edinburgh , I can see all the options and combinations imaginable and a price order. You may even be able to find an option you did not think about, such as taking a flight to Glasgow, then the train. These are just price ideas, so I recommend going to the recommended sites one by one to see prices on your dates. I am currently in York and the cheapest way that did not last 48h was to take a flight to London , then a bus to York. But that suggested flights to other cities in England that I may not have thought of. So think of this site to think differently about your travel patterns and maybe make a good deal!

Here are all my tips and tricks to find a cheap flight ticket, whatever your destination, your travel dates or your flexibility or lack of flexibility. Do you know other tips and tricks for finding a cheap flight? If so, comment below and I would love to test them!

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